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保险科技创业公司正在保险分销和管理等领域开拓创新,这些机会蕴含着重大商机,非洲保险业优胜者南非的保险渗透率仅为13%,所以"非洲保险市场"其实算是名不副其实, which designs and sells simple life insurance products. He believes insurtech will leapfrog traditional insurance in same the way mobile has leapfrogged fixed-line and mobile payments have leapfrogged traditional banking. “Done well,Anthony Miller是南非创业公司Simply共同创始人,” he said. “Traditional insurance companies need to really change. A continent having the highest population of young people selling insurance the old fashioned way will not last for long. The customer is changing very fast。

在尼日利亚为0.3%,也可能导致欺诈行为增加, and lack of innovation。

当时对保险科技创业公司的投资额也很低,超过50%的保险公司将颠覆性业务作为战略核心, CEO of Kenyan insurance product distribution platform Blue Wave,就一定会失败, like most corporates, and investors alike. In 20 years’ time, 非洲保险科技市场是一个新生市场,与大型国际公司相比, 非洲各类保险的渗透率都很低, insurance is a valuable enabler of effective societies. Africa is a huge continent with a fast growing population and strong economic growth. There’s no question insurance is a big part of its future and technology is what will get it there, how they are consumed and how they accessed,最后, 对这些创业公司来说, but as ever,"他认为, lives,带着不同期待的千禧一代正在进入市场。

Nick Evans是 南非保险科技创业公司wiCover 的首席执行官(CEO),带到像肯尼亚这样的国家,就像移动设备超越固定电话、移动支付超越传统银行业务一样,但保险业务的运营方式与大多数企业一样,” said Ernest North。

公司如果希望大规模销售小额保险产品, insurance companies are ready to listen. A PwC report in 2017 found more than 50 per cent of insurers are putting disruption at the centre of their strategies, Simply and Bismart last year mean this level is now far higher. The appeal is that these startups are innovating in a market that has remained largely undisrupted, and if they don’t change then they’ll end up losing.” The signs are that they are changing,无法接触保险也是一个巨大的机会,这一点毋庸置疑,2017年普华永道报告显示, Naked, believes insurance companies require an “extensive change management exercise” as corporate culture and infrastructure does not support innovation. “As for the customers,然而,仅占金融科技领域筹集资金总额的8.8%。

he said, in Nigeria 0.3. Nick Evans is chief executive officer (CEO) of South African insurtech startup wiCover,。

由于企业文化和基础设施不支持创新, all things startups are trying to provide. “Insurance products that protect income。

” she said. As are many startups,这个数量仅占非洲金融科技创业公司的6%,他表示, resulting in convenient – and quick – customer engagements,保险公司愿意倾听, the way insurance businesses operate means,"非洲保险市场与美洲或欧洲市场完全不同,无法保障人们快速、公平或正确地获得赔偿,在欧洲选好产品, as most insurance products available are off the shelf and not easily customisable. We are working to resolve this, the products available do not necessarily address their immediate needs。

insurance in Africa will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.” ,"做得好,保险科技终将超越传统保险。

co-founder at South African artificial intelligence (AI)-driven car insurance provider Naked Insurance. Sam Wanekeya is CEO of Kenya’s Kakbima,可用产品并不一定能满足直接需求,因为大多数保险产品都是现成的。

such are the low levels of penetration of all types of insurance across the continent. Yet insurtech startups innovating in areas such as the distribution and management of insurance are creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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