A complete guide to engagement rings with colour


It’s not all about having large and vibrant diamonds in order to have a ring that can stand-out. There are many other creative ways you can make your engagement ring one of a kind. Including colours rather than going for the white theme can make one world of a difference. Using stones like rubies and emeralds will add dimension to the engagement ring. They are also an artistic replacement for diamond rings. Diamond is an evergreen stone to be used in jewellery. But if you are willing to try out something new, emerald, ruby and sapphire will also work best in their own way.

Here are some ways you can use colourful gemstones in your engagement ring to give them a vibrant and out-standing look.

Use colourful gemstone as the center stone

If you wanna go completely out of the way and be bold. Then just try forgetting about the diamond center stone. And replace it with a colourful and stunning ruby or sapphire. If your partner is someone that likes a pop of colour then emeralds, sapphires or rubies will make for a perfect center stone for your engagement ring.

Diamonds are a lot costlier compared to other gemstones, if you are on a tight budget and want a big center stone then you won’t get that when you go for diamonds. Instead of diamonds, if you choose other gemstones you will be able to get a much larger stone for a relatively cheaper price.

Go for a colorful halo ring

In case you are not familiar with halo rings, let me just explain it to you guys in simple words. A halo engagement ring is a ring that has a large center stone which is surrounded by smaller pieces of diamonds. These rings are very identical to cocktail rings.

Usually, the center stone and the surrounding stones are both diamonds. In some cases the center stone is replaced with a colourful gemstone. But it will look just as good if you replace the surrounding gemstones with emeralds, rubies etc.

Many brides-to-be fantasize about having a stunning and shiny halo ring for their wedding or engagement. If you are willing to surprise your special lady with an engagement ring, then a halo ring with colourful gems around the center stone is the best choice. Placing coloured gemstones give the ring an even bolder and vibrant appearance.

Place colourful stones on the side

Rings like the three-stone engagement ring are the best for placing colourful stones on the sides. Going for diamonds on all the three spaces might seem a bit boring, so why not put in a few rubies and sapphires as well.

When it’s a three-stone ring, it’s all on how much and how well you can imagine. You can just play around and create many magnificent designs but choosing between stones and their shapes as well as their placement. It all depends on how much your creativity can expand and give the ring a personalized appearance.

For example: Round cut diamonds are considered classic and pretty basic. But if you throw in a sapphire with a blue shade, it just gets way better. You are not restricted to the two sides; you’re all open to do whatever ever you want to. Just play around with the colours, shapes and sizes until you find the one.

Conclusion: If you are not a fan of the basic designs and are all about having something special for yourself, then playing around with different colours, gemstones and sizes will make a huge difference. There are no boundaries set to your imagination, just create the amazing ring you want in your head and bring it to life.

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