Adjusting The Guestlist For The New Normality


Given the limiting possibility of micro or mini weddings, American tent will give tips on what criteria to adopt in this article. And, as a gift, some suggestions for uninviting those who have already been called and how to include them in the party and ceremony virtually.

  1. How To “Uninvite.”

Write a general letter starting with “dear friends and family,” emphasizing how hard it was to make the decision and that the pandemic is the only reason for leaving you off the guest list. If you plan to make a garland at a future date to toast everyone who can’t go, make that clear in the message. It is also essential that they highlight the rules that guided them (the general ones we talked about).

This information must be included in the message sent by email, WhatsApp, or letter or unsolicited calls. Yes, the most incredible thing is to send the statement and call afterward. The conversation is essential for showing affection and consideration for each one, making everything more personal. Thus, you can demonstrate distress and regret, in addition to venting. This is a mission you must do together.

  1. Virtual Guest

In the phone conversation, offer the alternative to the uninvited wedding list to join the ceremony and party virtually. This demonstrates the couple’s commitment to making them part of this moment. To entertain those who come up with the idea, think together with your ceremonialist about ways to integrate natural and virtual presences.

Virtual photo booths with fun backgrounds, dance floor with online guests’ screen, chat with the DJ included so that he can accept some music requests, space in the schedule for toasts and speeches, etc. It’s these little details that will make everything unforgettable. Another idea is to send each one a small box with some sweets from the party and a mini sparkling wine with a cute message. So, everyone can toast together and sweeten the moment more.

With affection, affection, and the joint exercise of understanding, adjusting the guest list without generating resentment is possible. On the contrary, by clinging to creativity to circumvent impediments, the couple can strengthen existing ties and generate more expectations for future opportunities they can enjoy together without so much fear. Focus on that when deciding how to reduce your wedding guest list to forget about frustration. Believe me: dear people will understand.

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