Getting Ready for Your Wedding Dress Fitting


Your wedding is fast approaching and it is nearly time for you to go back to the bridal boutique and find out whether you need any alterations to your wedding dress before the big day arrives. There is absolutely no need to worry, as pretty much every single bride needs or wants some form of alteration to her wedding dress. This is where it is vital that you find a bridal boutique that you can trust, making a wedding dress appointment in plenty of time so that you can not only find the wedding dress of your dreams, but that also allows enough time for any alterations to be made in plenty of time.

If you are a little nervous about what to expect with your upcoming wedding dress fitting, please do not worry. Your bridal boutique team will have your wedding address appointment in the calendar, will know who you are, what dress you have chosen, and what alterations have so far been made. Now is the time to finalise those little details. So, what can you expect from your wedding dress fitting?

First off, consider what it is you need to take with you. Your dress is never likely to fit you perfectly the first time you try it on after choosing it. This is why we have these wedding dress fittings, to iron out the details and to make sure everything is perfect. It could be that you end up having two or three dress fitting in the run up to the wedding, but at this first fitting take along any accessories that you have chosen for definite, any head dress, or veil, and anything else that you need to match with the dress.

Your first wedding dress fitting will happen a month or two before the wedding. This is a good chance to have taken the time to choose your footwear for the big day, as well as your underwear. This is important, as your dress will be altered to fit around these items. If you end up choosing a completely different set of underwear on the day itself, it might sound silly, but it can have a dramatic impact on how the dress fits you and how it looks. So, pick a pair of underwear, a bra, and shoes that you are comfortable with and that you are happy to wear on your wedding day.

For the final wedding dress fitting, take along your maid of honour, or a family member that you trust, so that you can get another person’s opinion and to see if there is any need at all for final alterations. This is the point at which the bridal boutique will tell the person with you how to help you put the dress on the morning of your wedding, how to bustle your dress, and how to look after it between this fitting and the big day.

You must be really excited at this point though, when it comes back to trying on the dress again. We all know how exciting it is to find the dress that you ultimately say yes to, and then in the blur of love and happiness, many a bride has kind of forgotten what the dress really looks like on them. After waiting a few months, the time for the dress fitting has arrived, and you get to see it all over again, to try it on all over again, and to fall in love with the wedding dress all over again. You are truly going to be a radiant, beautiful bride, gliding down the aisle towards your loved one on the big day.

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