How to Choose Bridal Shapewear


Once you have chosen the wedding dress of your dreams, the next step is to think about your bridal shapewear. It is often something that is still talked about as if it is a big secret, but most brides will have some form of shapewear and it is important that it is the correct type of shapewear to fit the needs of that specific bride. Every bride is different, every single body shape is different, and that is why it is vital that your bridal boutique of choice helps you find all aspects of your wedding outfit, including your bridal shapewear. Your wedding story is unique to you, and your bridal shapewear will help reflect that, giving you the most comfortable fit for your wedding dress on your big day.

Your bridal shapewear should be chosen based on a number of things. One of these is the fabric you have chosen for your wedding dress. We often see that some types of fabric and wedding gowns are more giving then others, and for those lighter fabrics you have to be careful about the levels of transparency and what can be seen under the dress. In these cases especially, it is important to have some bridal shapewear. In some cases, you’ll be able to choose a bridal gown that has built-in shapewear, but usually this offers only limited support and you should always think about additional undergarments to help you with your shape and comfort.

Your choice of shapewear will change depending on the type of dress you’ve chosen. If your wedding dress is form-fitting you have to be more careful about VPL, and a high waist compression is probably the best choice here. You don’t want to have a negative impact on the streamlined look the dress has been chosen for. If your wedding dress is very form-fitting around your hips and thighs, think about shapewear that will smooth everything out, whilst a dress that is a tighter fit around your upper body requires shapewear that is flexible and lightweight, as you never want to feel constricted in your movements on the big day. Bridal shapewear offers a range of flexible options for every type of bride and every type of wedding dress, it is just about finding that right fit for your needs in the same way you have chosen your wedding dress.

You don’t have to rush into choosing your wedding dress shapewear, and we would never advise that you choose it the moment you’ve found the dress of your dreams. Instead, wait until after your first wedding dress fitting, after alterations have been made and as close to the big day as you can possibly go. That way, your choice of shapewear will fit perfectly with your dress, the fabrics and style you have chosen and the weight and shape you will be on the big day. Always look for expertise and advice from your bridal boutique as to the best type of shapewear for your wedding dress.

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