Nine Common Mistakes to Avoid when Eloping in Las Vegas


If you want to elope in Las Vegas, you will have to face a lot of options in each aspect of your wedding. The majority of wedding planners can help you find elopement packages to ease the planning. However, if you try to do things on your own, you could make some mistakes.

Here are the 9 mistakes to avoid if you plan to elope in Vegas:

Not Planning Good Entertainment

Although you may want to cut costs in some areas and choose less expensive options, underestimating good entertainment could be a mistake. Your guests might not remember the type of flowers used to decorate your venue or what they had for dinner, they will remember their experience.

Failing to Deal with Legal Matters

Each state has different marriage laws, so ensure to look them up and see if you can do it. If you not from Las Vegas, you should consult with elopement experts in the city or meet with a professional wedding planner.

Not Hiring a Photographer you Trust

The right elopement photographer is someone you get along with and whose style makes you happy. After the elopement, what you will be left with memories and your photos and you want these taken by someone who truly knows what they are doing.

Paying Too Much Attention to the Details

Even if you are eloping, you can still have a creative vision. Whether you want to tie the knot under an arch, have a first dance, or have a color scheme, you can do whatever you want. There are no rules for eloping.

Picking Any Officiant

Avoid picking just any you can find. The right one will make your vows special. Spend time checking out reviews of the places you will opt for on established wedding websites.

Failing to Personalize your Day

You can always have a customized wedding if you would love to. Get the bouquet you want, play your favorite music, or hire an officiant you personally know.

Choosing a Famous Location

When you decide on the location, try not to limit yourself to the famous spots. Rather, consider thinking outside the box with emerging destinations to have a unique day.

Allowing the People you Love Take Over

If you plan an elopement and you know your family won’t agree, try not to tell them. If you have to inform them, tell them what you want. If you let them take over, your entire event can change.

Thinking You Cannot Wear a Bridal Dress

Although you might not have a grand affair, you can still wear whatever you want including your beautiful gown. Don’t be afraid to get as fancy as you like.

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